Stress, Diet, Hormones & Weight loss


We had a complete sell out for our first seminar with over 100 women attending and over 40 on the waiting list so we have decided to run a second seminar.


Date: 7:00pm, 13th October 2015


Are you constantly tired, moody, stressed, lacking libido, bloated, or trying to lose weight?


You don’t have to be! It’s time to get to the bottom of why you’re feeling this way once and for all!


Come and learn exactly how the female body functions and understand the root causes holding you back from feeling 100% happy and healthy.


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Presented by:


Naturopath Jess Gorman (BHSc)​​


Founder of Gorman Naturopathy, Jessica is passionate about the efficacy of natural

medicine, utilising nutritional and herbal medicine as well as dietary and lifestyle

modification to facilitate optimal health and wellness.


Jessica is a member of the National Herbalists Association of Australia (NHAA), which

applies the highest level of educational standards for herbalists and Naturopaths in

Australia. She adopts a scientific and evidence-based approach to treatment whilst

maintaining traditional naturopathic principles by treating the cause of illness and educating

clients on their health. 


In addition to general practice and treating chronic conditions, Jessica also specialises in Women's Health. 


Bachelor Health Science (Naturopathy)

National Herbalists Association of Australia




Nutritionist Steph Wearne (RNutr)


Steph is the founder of Body Good Food and Co-owner of Linked - Training and

Nutrition. Steph's number one priority is helping clients develop a healthy relationship

with food and is very passionate about food being wholesome, nourishing, balanced

and enjoyable.


She works with clients to help identify which foods work best for their body, and once

this positive relationship with food is established things like weight loss, clear skin, and

boundless energy are just bonuses that come along with the journey.


Bachelor of Sports Science (Nutrition)
Graduate Certificate in Human Nutrition
Nutrition Society of Australia